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Project Partners

MetaMetaAnatolia established in late 2014 and member of theTurkish-DutchWater partnership platform. MetaMeta Anatolia (i)provides services in land and water management, and (ii) facilitates market development for innovative Technologies which can increase efficiency in the agricultural and water sector. MetaMeta Anatolia operates within the contect of a dynamically changing farming sector in Turkey. Our work concerns action research and advocacy related to innovative technologies in the agricultural and water sectors. MetaMetaAnotalia is an autonomous self-registered unit within the larger MetaMeta group. MetaMeta is a social enterprise, deeply engaged in water and natural resources management. Its mission is to contribute with practical solutions for a better world and to introduce these at scale.

Sukru Esin

Ms. Rukiye Oca

Ms. Kubra Elmas

INRA (National Institute of Agricultural Research of Morocco) is a leader Moroccan institution working in agricultural research. INRA is an autonomous government institution within the Ministry of Agriculture. It’s responsible for crop and livestock research, carrying out programs on genetic improvement, resources genetic conservation, crop management and technology transfer. For that, INRA is organized as a network of 10 Regional Research Centers representing different agro-ecological regions of Morocco. To achieve its objectives, INRA capitalizes on its qualified human potential (200 Research Scientists, 218 technicians, and 41 managers) and on excellent infrastructure (Laboratories, greenhouses, 23 experimental stations, etc.). Achievement portfolios testify of the pertinent role of INRA in upgrading agricultural sector at the national level.

Dr. Mokrini Fouad

Dr. Iraqi Driss

Dr. KHAYI Slimane


Mohammed V University of Rabat (MVUR) is a higher education establishment. It was founded in 1957 it is one of oldest universities of Morocco, MVUR set up 52 accredited research structures (19 research centers, 11 laboratories and 22 Research teams), 9 centers of doctoral studies, and a city of Innovation. MVUR is represented by the research center in Water, natural resource, environment and sustainable development (CERNE2D). CERNE2D has expertise in environment and valorization of naturel resources (water, plants, waste,). It has developed much research in extraction of oils and extracts from plants for many application (antioxidant activities, insecticides applications, anti-inflammatory activities, antibacterial activities). Optimization of extraction using experimental designs according to extraction method, solvents, time and composition. water quality monitoring in terms of organic and inorganic pollutants’ levels, pesticides’ residues, heavy metals, bacteriological quality and the main characteristic for water used for irrigation, assessment of the groundwater resources quality and wastewater treatment issues (adsorption, photocatalysis, biosorption, etc.).

Pr. Souad El Hajjaji

Pr. Ilhame Bouarais

Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU) is a higher education establishment. HMU is the largest higher education institution on the Island of Crete, Greece, operating in 6 different campuses, with over 18,000 students and 1,000 staff members. The Special Account of Research Funds (ELKE-HMU), which is the body responsible for the management of research activities, has invested over 15 M€ in infrastructure during the past 10 years and has managed funding of over 40 M€ in the past 5 years. The Laboratory of Natural Resources Management and Agricultural Engineering (NRMAE) of the Department of Agriculture of HMU is directed by Professor T. Manios, Vice-Rector of HMU. Since his appointment as head of the laboratory in 2005, NRMAE has implemented over 40 research projects with a total funding of more than 11,5 M€, including 4 Life / Life+, 1 FP7, 1 Horizon, 5 EEA Grants, 4 Interreg, 1 Urban Innovation Actions, 12 National from the Greek Secretary for Research and Technology (as partner), 5 from GSRT as Subcontractor to SME, 4 from Municipalities and Regions and numerous from private companies.

Dr. Ioannis Daliakopoulos

CYENS is the first Research Centre in Cyprus focusing on Interactive media, Smart systems and Emerging technologies aiming to become a centre of excellence empowering knowledge and technology transfer in the region. It is a joint venture between the three public universities of Cyprus (University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology, Open University of Cyprus), the Municipality of Nicosia, and two renowned international partners, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics (Germany) and University College London (UK). CYENS is designed to act as an integrator of academic research and industrial innovation, towards the sustainable fuelling of the scientific, technological, and economic growth of Cyprus and Europe. The business plan of CYENS is specifically tailored for long term sustainability and growth. CYENS will operate by embracing the motto “Inspired by Humans. In this proposal, CYENS is represented by the “Pervasive Real-World Computing for Sustainability” (SuPerWorld) Multidisciplinary Research Group (MRG). The SuPerWolrd MRG involves technology in pervasive computing, touching upon research that focuses on the real world towards (contributing in) making it more sustainable. The SuPerWorld MRG performs basic and (mostly) applied research in the scientific areas of machine learning and deep learning, geospatial analysis and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), IoT and WoT, data visualization, semantic web technologies, remote sensing (aerial photography based on drones and satellite-based imagery), mobile phone computing, robotics, as well as persuasive technology, ICT for sustainability and eco-feedback techniques for human behavioral engineering.

Dr. Andreas Kamilaris

Mr. Chirag Padubidri

MetaMeta Research B.V. is a company established to deliver socially relevant but commercially viable services. Engaged in the water and natural resources sector the company aims to develop services and products that have social value addition, that are innovative, that are not picked otherwise and that at the same time are commercially viable. MetaMeta does so by initiating activities and projects – ranging from local commercial services (i.e sales of useful products), field level implementation, capacity building and education, research and piloting to policy development (both local level and global). It has also undertaken consultancy services (within the remit above) but the point of gravity is in research, capacity building and policy programs initiated by MetaMeta itself. The aim of MetaMeta is to contribute to major themes of sustainability, resilience, poverty reduction and governance by catalysing new activities in the field of natural resource management. Our mission is to contribute to practical solutions for a better world. Key to all activities of MetaMeta is a deep understanding of the issues; independent and acceptable positioning; and the skills and agency to make processes move. We strongly believe in action inquiry. Making things work and learning from them.

Luwieke Bosma

Dr. Jean Marc Pace

Dr. Meheretu Yonas

Mediterranean alliance for ecological PEST management