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Smart modern technologies will be used in order to understand and assess how rodents behave in relation to the EBRM applications. These technologies will be applied at living labs, e.g. greenhouses in Cyprusand Greeceand in lab trials in Morocco and… Read More »

Rodents have the potential to cause health problems as a vecto

#rodents have the potential to cause health problems as a vector. Rodents are important in the spread of zoonotic diseases such as humans bubonic plague, typhus, weil’s disease, toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, hantaviruses, babesiosis, lyme disease, tularemia, cutaneous leishmaniosis

kick-off event of the project

kick-off event of the project #med4pest . A biorodenticide will be developed within the scope of the #PRIMAProgram supported project consisting of 6 partners, which will provide serious economic and ecological gains

MED4PEST Project Started!

PRIMA-MED funded MED4PEST project officially started. The project is taking place in Turkey, Morocco, Crete, The Netherlands, and South Cyprus. Project aim is to develop bio-rodenticide from different wild plants, learn about rodent-borne damages in Mediterranean countries, apply and disseminate… Read More »MED4PEST Project Started!