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INRA newsletter

The MED4PEST project, domiciled at the National Institute of Agricultural Research (CRRA-Rabat), is funded by the Prima-Med Foundation (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area) and is coordinated by the head of the nematology laboratory, Dr. Fouad MOKRINI. The research work, which concerns the development of strategies for biological control of rodents (EBRM), was initiated in close collaboration with Pr. EL HAJJAJI Souad, professor of materials science, water and environment at the Faculty of Sciences of (Mohammed V University of Rabat) and Pr. AKKI Rachid of the National School of Agriculture (ENA, Meknes), in partnership with researchers from MetaMetaAnatolia (Turkey), Hellenic Mediterranean University (Greece), CYENS (Cyprus) and MetaMeta Research (Netherlands).