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Release Name: Edessa TV
Release Date: 19.09.2022
Release time: 19:26
Program Name: News
It was announced that Harran University started the bio rodenticide development project. Harran University Faculty of Agriculture started Prima-Med supported studies. The project, coordinated by PhD Student Şükrü Esin at Harran University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil Plant Nutrition, and carried out in cooperation with Sibel Türedi the Department of Histology and Embryology at Faculty of Medicine. Med4Pest project aimed at developing sustainable and organic agriculture in the Mediterranean countries. Within the framework of the project, ecologically based local toxic plants will be developed with environmentally friendly methods to controlling rodents in rural and urban areas and EBRM (Ecologically Basic Rodent Management) applications will be expanded. The project aims to environmentally friendly approaches for a sustainable agriculture, will benefit farmers and young agriculture engineers living in Mediterranean countries.

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